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Active at home

First Kicks Sports have put together a number of videos which will enable children to use basic equipment at home to keep themselves active. Our videos can help improve existing skills and introduce new concepts.

Seren Ahmet
(Fully qualified gymnastics teacher)

Seren Ahmet is one of our experienced gymnastics coaches who has worked in  several schools and and with children and adults of all ages and abilities. She has put together a small tutorial video demonstrating how to do a handstand. Please check it out and remember to ask an adult to supervise and ensure the space you are using is safe.

In this video, Ellis is demonstrating a tennis session with minimal equipment inside a living room. He is using equipment which should be to hand in most households (Ball and plate). The fun session builds upon children's tennis skills and can be carried out where space is limited.

Ellis demonstrates using the forehand and backhand correctly and balancing the ball successfully.

Ellis Remy
(Director of First Kicks Sports Ltd)

Ruairi Coles
(Sports lead)

Ruairi Coles is a highly experienced sports coach. In this video, Ruairi is going to show you a number of basic activities that you can do in your garden or house using a football and two pairs of trainers. This will help to build upon your football skills and fitness.

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